Tärningen är kastad

Tärningen är kastad 1960

"The Dies is Cast" - A member of a highly successful crime drama TV-series is found murdered in a TV studio. The screenwriter of the TV-series is found as prime suspect but claims his innocence and tries to clear his name. But who is the murderer and what is his motive?

The Criminal and the Lady

The Criminal and the Lady 1963

A modest and plain young Małgorzata leads a very boring life as a cashier. One day a robber riddles her bank car with bullets, kills driver and two security guards and takes the money. The police finds out that the stolen banknotes are being spent at a fashionable spa resort. The only way to find the criminal is to favor Małgorzata with a seaside holiday in the company of a handsome Captain as her "brother"...


Ratatuy 2006

Жулики похищают из музея картину Айвазовского и решают обмыть удачную операцию. Однако, прибыв на место, в дом шефа, компания застает любовницу главаря с одним из сотоварищей. Ночная попойка превращается в кавардак с участием переодетых актеров. В этой кутерьме никто не замечает, как украденная картина исчезает…

Outlaw Love

Outlaw Love 1978

Rio de Janeiro police investigator Galvão is pursuing two trails, one professional and one personal. While he tracts a serial killer of taxi-drivers, he also seeks his estranged daughter, Sandra, who he had thrown out of the family home when she adopted a promiscuous teenage lifestyle. Lives intersect when the serial killer, Toninho, a young man of unsavoury connections, befriends Sandra, now an exotic dancer and prostitute living and working in the seamy underside of late 1970s Rio.

Their Last Night

Their Last Night 1953

Arriving in Paris, Madeleine Marsan rents a room in a guesthouse where she makes the acquaintance of Pierre Ruffin, a respectable municipal librarian. Through Pierre, Madeleine finds work as a schoolteacher and soon realises that she is in love with him. Then she discovers that Pierre is in truth the head of a band of crooks. Caught by the police after a failed robbery, Pierre manages to escape. With Madeleine’s help, he goes on the run.

Other Side of the Game

Other Side of the Game 2010

Tony Cole knows that for the last ten years he's been caught in a downward spiral. Selling drugs was never a crime, but it was never meant to be his career. Now he's frustrated with his mundane daily routine and can no longer live with the constant threat of getting caught. But Tony doesn't realise that his middle class customers will never accept him as anything but a drug dealer and that the criminal underworld will brutally hold onto its own. His plans for a legitimate future go fatally wrong, framing him for both theft and murder. Manipulated by those he trusts and deserted by those he loves, Tony has only twelve hours to save his life. His only choice is to sink deeper into a sordid world in a desperate attempt to claw his way back out.

Hand for Happiness

Hand for Happiness 2008

Because of the accident, Grinya - a shy and unsound bachelor - loses his hand. However, the geniuses of Russian medicine are saved by sewing someone else's hand. And who would have thought that a new hand belonging to a famous adventurer and a scamper would completely change Green's life. Quiet existence is replaced by a string of unpredictable events and dizzying adventures: all the bandits of the city are trying to find it, from girls there is no hanging, money and success are abundant ... Thanks to a new hand, he becomes bold and confident. It's just not clear - who really is the master in their amazing tandem.

The Mantrap

The Mantrap 1943

Henry Stephenson stars as a retired Scotland Yard detective. He is regarded as an icon because he has written volumes of books on the art of detection. While Stephenson is being honoured for his past successes, he senses modern detectives, particularly the current District Attorney, look at him and his methods as outdated. This spurs the old man out of retirement to prove himself to the know-it-all modern detectives.

Street Revenge

Street Revenge 2008

A local street gang finds a briefcase full of money in an abandoned building. The gang later finds out that the money that they have in their possession belongs to one of New York's biggest crime families.

Phone Police 2: Connection Lost

Phone Police 2: Connection Lost

Follows the second adventure of the Phone Police department as they take on the scum of the earth. i.e. those notorious car phone crime offenders. The action-packed, explosion filled sequel to "The Phone Police" http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/46131

Eye of the Spider

Eye of the Spider 1971

A diamond robber, who was left behind in the hands of the police, gets out of prison and teams up with the man who funded the robbery, but who never saw the loot, to get even with the other members of the gang.

Mobsters' Confessions

Mobsters' Confessions 1998

Small-time con man, Jiro (Shunsuke Matsuoka), makes his living tricking small businesses out of large sums of money. In the process he acquires a helpmate Kumiko, a refugee from her stepfather's sexual abuse. But things start to get out of control when yakuza boss Kamewada (Shohei Hino), muscles in on the action.

Lyubov Bez Pravil

Lyubov Bez Pravil 2010

Он – звезда театра и кино, его день расписан по минутам – съемки в блокбастерах, главные роли на театральных подмостках, эфиры центральных каналов, фотосессии для обложек гламурных журналов. Она – скромная девочка из провинции, ее участь – быть консьержкой в доме звезд и смотреть на проходящих мимо героев светской хроники из своего закутка. Вроде бы всё у Веры, как у людей, - молодой муж с московской пропиской, ребенок. Казалось, жить бы да радоваться, но на свою беду она встречает Его. Это не коммерческий расчет, это не сиюминутная страсть, а глубокая, жертвенная любовь. Наш фильм – история любви зрелого искушенного актера и юной консьержки-провинциалки. Сможет ли она вернуть герою радость жизни, или изощренный демон погубит юную трепетную душу?

The Cobra

The Cobra 1967

A disgraced treasury agent Mike Rand, who teams with his boss to halt a Red Chinese plot to destroy the free world by flooding the market with opium and turning everyone into addicts. Along the way he manages to bed junkie Lou, get into various fights and destroy the refinery that is ending out the drugs.